13 Quick Tips on How To Keep Your Cool When Dealing With Tough Situations

Here are 13  Quick Tips on How To Keep Your Cool When Dealing With Tough Situations:

There are often times in our careers that we will hear news that perhaps may not be what we want to hear. As an entrepreneur, it can be anything like a task not being completed by a member of your vendor team, or a shipment being lost in the mail, and even a contract or deal not closing on time. We have to be able to remain calm under all the pressures that choosing a life as a business woman brings.

Here are 13 Quick Tips:

  1. Breathe When The News You Receive Isn’t What You Want To Hear.
  2. Don’t allow panic to hit you when you hear bad news.
  3. Take a deep breath so you can focus on how you can be still in the midst of a storm.
  4. Don’t listen to anyone that goes against what your Intuition has told you.
  5. Find an advocate or affirmation partner.
  6. People you love will try to “help.” If they’re panicked and adding fuel to your "fire" then politely hang up the phone.
  7. Find a moment to have silence
  8. Feed your mind positive thoughts
  9. Journal daily
  10. Listen to positive music
  11. Take a walk and relax your mind
  12. State your affirmations
  13. Find a support group

I hope this helps. This was revised from a blog post from author Matt D Talford

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